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The Chamber


Many of the great people that own businesses and work in Deer Park also live here.


Deer Park, NY, is home to over 1900 businesses owned by some amazing people.


Supporting our local shop owners is an important part of the Deer Park culture.


We support the initiatives of our local school system to provide the best in education.


From festivals to business expos, there is always something to do in Deer Park.

So Much More

The Deer Park community has a lot to offer. Explore the site to learn more.

“The object of the Chamber of Commerce, shall be to promote and encourage public improvements and commerce; support industry; adjust disputes relative to trade, transportation and navigation; aid in procuring such laws and regulations as may be found necessary for the benefit of trade in general; to foster the interest of those engaged in or having a common trade, business, financial or professional interest; to secure freedom from unjust and unlawful exactions; to diffuse accurate information as to the standing of merchants and other matters; to procure a uniformity and certainty in the customs and usages of trade and commerce; to settle differences between its members and to promote a more enlarged and friendly intercourse among its members. To recommend and aid in procuring just and suitable laws, ordinances and enactments, roads, sewerages, draining, transportation, finance, taxation, law and order, education and any other beneficial purposes; to foster an increase in population and shall deem to be advantageous to the community and to aid in securing adequate laws and equal enforcement for the benefit of all.



The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce provides leadership through its members to advance the economic potential and quality of life of our community, local businesses and schools.